COEDO Craft Beer 1000 Labo


The main concept of 1000 Labo is our love to beer create as many as varieties of styles as if 1000 different kinds of beer in 1000 litter experimental brew-house. We open up our doors to show you, without reservation, our experimental craft beer related activities at a taproom established together with 1000 Labo.

1000 Labo will let you experience a variety of seminars, workshops, and collaborations that even leap over the fence that has divided the craft beer field for a long time. All in an effort to allow more people to expose themselves to the complexities of craft beer and the craft beer industry as a whole.

1000 Labo’s facilities are connected to a taproom named “香麦-Xiangmai-”, which is also an outcome of a collaboration with SLB Company, a local restaurant firm in Saitama, Japan.

We recommend enjoying COEDO beer with modern Chinese cuisine at Xiangmai. Chef Nagase who had successively served as a chef at several other Chinese restaurants such as KIHACHI China will lead us to another world to enjoy craft beer with an essence of Yumcha, the Chinese custom to eat light food as having Chinese tea.


COEDO Craft Beer 1000 Labo59-1 Fukuda Kawagoe Saitama 350-0821
TEL 049-229-0800
From Kawagoe Railway Station to Fukuda Bus Stop
by Tobu-Bus for 20 minutes.
3 minute walk from the bus stop.